I’m nominating someone for something called the student blogging challenge.  I’m nominating one of my class mates Anika for her quality  posts.  They’re longer than you can imagine.  She writes about poems and gymnastics.  Her posts are pretty cool.  She has about three paragraphs for each post.  Check her out at  I hope you enjoy her posts!


My teacher made my class write another poem but this time it’s about red!  That sometimes can be exciting.  This is mine.

Red looks like a battle field when war is raging on,

red sounds like the tintinnabulation of a red church.

How do you like it?  My teacher is probably going to tweet it.  Yes our class has a Twitter account.

My Future

In my future I hope to be either a NBA all star, singer, or architect.  I want to be a NBA all star not because of the fame or money, for the passion.  Basketball is my favorite sport and my favorite team is the Trail Blazers.  I want to be a singer because I like singing.  My favorite band is the Imagine Dragons.  My favorite song is Demons and my favorite singer is Katy Perry.  I want to be an architect because I love designing stuff like Lego’s and things in Minecraft.  I also like designs like the design of my house.  It rocks!

In the future I also want to help stop global warming.  It’s a real problem.  How I want to help is by reducing, reusing, and recycle.  Global warming may go up one degree Celsius if we are lucky or if we’re unlucky it could go up five degrees Celsius in a hundred years.  The green house gasses are methane, water vapor, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, Sulfur hexafluoride, Perfluorocarbon, Hydrofluorocarbon, and Chlorofluorocarbon.  Did you know that cows create methane?
>Another thing I want to do with my life is be an author.  I love to read and write.  My favorite author is Rick Riordan.  He wrote Percy Jackson and the Olympians.  He also wrote the Caine Cronical and Hero’s of Olympus series.  They’re very popular and my favorite series.  I hope you like writing because if you do  here’s an awesome site to do it.  Now presenting storybird!

Twitter Poems

In class we’re doing Twitter.  We’re communicating with a  class in Canada.  They challenged us to do a color poem.  Or as they call it a colour poem.  A color poem is a poem describing a color.  This week is blue.  Mine is Blue by me: Blue sounds like crashing waves, blue makes me blue (sad).  Blue is actually my second favorite color.  Next week’s color is red.  Red is pretty cool, I guess.

My Mother’s Day

I’d like to wish all Mother’s a Happy Mother’s Day!  Sorry I’m one day late, but I had a busy schedule.  This is what I did.  I woke up at nine fifty eight and had breakfast.  After breakfast I did my chores.  Then my mom opened her presents.  I love my mom she’s the best!  What did you do on Mother’s Day?

Miles In May

My school is doing something called Miles in May.  Do you know what Miles in May is?  Miles in May is where you walk or run around a track.  Each time someone walks or runs around the track, they get there card hole punched.  Cards have twenty feet around the perimeter numbered one to twenty.  If you get around the track five times you’ve walked or ran a mile.  Miles in May is pretty cool.  It also helps you mentally.  Do you want to do Miles in May?  If you do, find a track and get running.  Or if you want you can walk.

The Life Cycle Of A Plant

What’s the life cycle of a plant?  Well, it starts with a tree or a flower.  When a bee pollinates a flower or a tree, for example a sunflower, a seed starts flying and lands.  After a year or so, it spouts.  It grows and grows until the cycle starts over again.

If you want to learn more check out Bill Nye the science guy .  He’s pretty cool.  In the video he teaches you about plants like cacti and flytraps.  He also teaches you cool experiments.  Do you want to learn about  plants?

I’m A Leader

Are you a leader?  Yes, you are.  A leader isn’t just a person who’s at the top of the group, leadership is also a taking the lead when everyone is messing around.  A leader does what’s right even if you don’t want to.  For example, the marines are leaders because they fight for what is right.  The peacekeepers fight in a different way, disagreeing without weapons and trying to make peace.  Anyone who does something to help other people is a leader.  Leaders are pretty cool.

My biggest hero is pretty small, Damian Lillard.’s the Blazers point guard.  He’s a real leader.  I love basketball, that’s why Lillard is my hero.   Are you a leader or a hero?